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Eton Mess Marshmallow - crunchy pieces of meringue and strawberries folded through our homemade Madagascan Vanilla Marshmallow. Your favourite summer dessert in a marshmallow.

Eton Mess Marshmallow

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Eton Mess was inspired by our best selling Lemon Meringue Marshmallow and created for our customers who loved the crunchy pieces of meringue in a mallow but were not so keen on lemon. A strawberry gel made from freeze dried fruit and crunchy morsels of meringue are folded carefully through our vanilla marshmallow to give a favourite summer dessert in a mallow.

Each bag contains at least 78g of handcut marshmallow, typically six or seven large "cubes" of delicious, fluffy marshmallow heaven.
Luxury Mallows are made fresh each week and are best eaten soon after purchase. If you do manage to resist eating all of your mallows, keep the "survivors" in an airtight container in a cool dry place for best results.